Phone holder review: Spigen SGP11359

Stability: the adhesive pad under the holder keeps it firmly gripped to the dashboard

Supported Orientations: only landscape

Grip: soft grip, so side buttons won't be pushed accidentally.

Portability: according to the instruction, the adhesive gel can be removed and applied again. Even though I haven't tried, the whole procedure sure won't be quick to perform.

Tested cars: Auris MY17. By sticking it a little recessed from the wheel, I was able to align the screen with the panel instrument underneath the dashboard, achieving the same focal distance for both screens.
The phone screen is also reflected on the windshield, and while this is nearly invisible in daytime, at night it could be distracting.

Warning: we are not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer o reseller of the product. This is just a review based on personal experience.

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