Phone holder review: Anker

Stability: the airvent rubber grappling hook does not guarantee a stable position: while it won't detach itself, it may vibrate and change position while driving.

Supported Orientations: portrait and landscape: you have to rotate a gear to free the support, rotate and tighten it again.

Grip: strong spring, it can push side buttons

Portability: easy to remove, but every different car may require a different orientation of the support.

Tested cars: Yaris MY12 (OK), Auris MY17 (not OK). Support should be mounted on the first fin from the bottom, or else its own weight will cause the fin to bend downward. Airvents on the Auris have only one central fin, so secure grip is not possible.

Warning: we are not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer o reseller of the product. This is just a review based on personal experience.

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