New Release

HV Fan auto activation
Screen brightness changes according to ambient light
Initial SOC added to the battery panel
New look for the EV Summary
Fuel tank level is updated more frequently
Prius+ speed is more accurate
About screen added in settings

Auto Fan

HV cooling fan can be automatically controlled by Hybrid Assistant
Here's the effect of setting fan activation at 36.
Fan will start if temperature is 36 or higher, and will stop at 2 degrees below the specified level (34 in this case)

Option is available in the settings screen


Checking the Automatically reduce brightness option in the setting screen will cause the screen to change backlight level according to ambient light.
This may be useful while driving at night.
Option will be grayed out if the phone doesn't have any light sensor.


New Release

Hybrid Assistant
New features:

  • Tapping the fuel consumption indicator will switch from L/100km to km/L
  • Fuel chart added
  • Added speed correction factor to settings screen
  • MG Temperature
  • Some minor layout changes
  • Added optional panel with temperature of MG, inverters and HV
  • Speed for Lexus NX300 should be more accurate
  • Added fuel tank level to fuel detail panel
  • Speed indicator now changes color according to speed trend:
Green: speed is increasing
White: speed is constant
Yellow: speed is decreasing

  • Fix for wrong ambient temperature
  • Fixed S2 detection
  • Fix for wrong Auris MY name
  • Fix for Auris MY10 brakes detection
  • Fix for Prius 3 Plugin battery level color

Hybrid Reporter
  • Added MG, ambient and inhaling temperature to the Temperature stats

12V Auxiliary Battery Measurement

The new version of Hybrid Assistant checks Auxiliary Battery Voltage while the car is off.
Be sure to use an high quality OBD adapter to have a reliable reading.

Fuel Chart

The Fuel Chart shows real time instant and average fuel consumption.
Values are shown in L/100km

The Fuel Chart is available in 2 versions:
  • Standard
  • High Precision
Standard chart has a refresh rate of 1 second and a longer timeframe is displayed on screen

High Precision chart has the highest refresh rate permitted by your OBD adapter: it can be as fast as 5 times a second, but an high performance adapter and phone are mandatory for proficient use.
High Precision chart also uses colors to highlight ascending and descending trends in fuel usage.

You can open the Fuel Chart by tapping the EV icon.
Tapping anywhere into the chart will close it, and performing a long tap will switch between Standard and High Precision.

A) Instant consumption: the bar size changes to display fuel usage in L/100km. Bar color changes according to usage trend: green if instant consumption is less than the previous reading, orange if not.

B) History area: this area keep history of fuel usage. A vertical mark is drawn every minute, with a thicker one every 5

C) A green area shows decreasing fuel usage

D) An orange area shows increasing fuel usage

E) Average fuel usage over the whole trip is also plotted: red when increasing, green when decreasing


Temperature Chart

The new version of Hybrid Reporter adds several temperature related entries to the Powertrain temperature chart:

Engine coolant temperature: coolant of the petrol engine
Inverter temperature: highest temperature among all car inverters
Battery temperature: highest temperature among all temperature sensors of the HV battery
Battery inhaling temperature: temperature inside the car, you can't expect the HV temperature to go below this
MotorGenerator temperature: highest temperature among all electric motors
External temperature: temperature outside the car


New Hybrid Assistant Release

New options available in the settings screen
Selecting autoclose will cause Hybrid Assistant to exit automatically when powering off the car
You can set a maximum number of trips to keep for reporting
Inverter temperature indicator won't change color anymore
Fix for "database must by updated" error

New Hybrid Reporter Release

New Report Settings screen:
You can choose a range for charts and set fuel price for calc of trip cost


New Release

Lots of new charts for Hybrid Reporter

Average fuel consumption at each given speed
Average value is highlighted with a dot, along with min/max range and standard deviation.
Note that under 70 km/h, variation is really high, since the electric motor can push the car with no petrol engine contribution

BSFC Value
Value of g/kWh during the trip.
Note how BSFC value gets better as the engine enters best temperature range and speed variations are kept at minimum.

At which power output is the engine more efficient?
The BFSC for kW chart shows precisely that.
The measure uses only values from optimal temperature range, and is significant when performed on a long trip with many different and steady power requests.

New Release

Fuel usage is now available on all OBD adapters.
BIG disclaimer: quality of fuel reading is tightly related to quality of OBD adapter.
Poor quality/slow adapters will lead to unreliable results.

The settings dialog can now be accessed from the lower right wrench icon on the main screen

Text size option in the settings screen: it can be used to reduce font size in case of truncated text

Engine and inverter temperature indicators now change color according to trend: orange - increasing, cyan - decreasing

Various fixes:

  • end of S1b
  • S4 detection at car ignition
  • RX450 now correctly detected
  • accurate speed detection for Prius 3
  • improved OBD adapters compatibility


HA Survey

in the following, the synthesis of survey answer is reported, as extracted from the permanent survey created as HA vs. phones and OBD adaptors monitoring tool.

The survey is always available at the following link https://goo.gl/forms/ezAIiApn8kGCZFEq1

HA team thanks the participants and invete all of you in provinding again your feedback on the newer versions of HA (lot of evolution in the last weeks)


HA Survey Report as of 31st October 2016

  • 32 unique testers have provided answers (multiple devices for some users)
  • 23 tester using OBDLINK LX as OBD tool (81,25%)
    • Basic Functionality working on 100%
    • Fan Control working on 100% for newer release (HA >56)
    • Battery Test working on 100% (only one reported not working with a 54 release)
  • 1 tester using OBDLINK MX with all functionalities
  • 1 user using DB Power Wifi on HA version 56, fully functional with reported sample time of 2,73s (!)
  • 9 tester using Cheap Chinese clone
    • 2 users with newer releases reports application fully working 


The configuration with fan control not working are the ones with cycle time greater (>0,6). 
Many exceptions to this rule also with users using OBLINK LX that experienced on old releases fan control problems. (No sufficient data to perform statistics on newer releases).
1 tester, reported that disconnecting HA from TT2, the fan control functionality is restored.
With newer releases, two testers reports several disconnections and Java IO exceptions at start.

As general rule (from survey and from forum information):
- the phone connected to 3g/4g network is good
- the phone connected to TT2 or to other BT adapters presents high cycle time values
- the phone connected to Wifi presents high cycle time values

Phone compatible with HA according to survey:
  • Huawei NXT-L29 , MM 6.0
  • Lenovo A7600-H android SDK 19
  • LG G2 D802 Android 4.4.2
  • LG G2 D802 Android 5.0.2
  • LG Nexus 5X Android 7
  • Motorola Moto E 2015 - Surnia - CyanogenMOD 13
  • NGM E450 
  • Samsung GT-I930
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 Android 6.0.1
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)
  • Samsung Galaxy J5
  • samsung Galaxy S3 android 4.3
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 neo 4.4.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 5.0.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 5.0.1 L
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - Android 6.0.1
  • Samsung GT N7100 - Android 4.4.2
  • SAMSUNG GT-I8190 / ANDROID 4.1.2
  • Samsung GT-i9100, android 4.1.2
  • Samsung gt-i9300
  • Sony Xperia Z3 mini
  • Sony Z1 Compact, sdk 22
  • Space Phone 5 Android 5.0
  • Xiaomi MI MAX 6.0.1
  • Xiaomi Mi5 6.0.1
  • Zuk z1 cm13