HV Battery Capacity Estimate

During an HV Check, an estimate of the battery capacity is also shown on screen.
All models (except Prius Plus and Prius Plugin) have a nominal 6.5 Ah battery capacity.
To evaluate capacity follow these guidelines:
1) be sure to have at least 60% SOC, engine and battery at operating temperatures (i.e. not too low or too high)
2) park the car
3) start A/C at the lowest temperature, to put some load on the battery
4) be sure the petrol engine is not running and have completed S1 phase
4) start HV Check
5) keep the check running until actual SOC is at least 10% less than the starting SOC

The Estimated Capacity will change color when enough data will be collected.

The same information is present on the report from Hybrid Reporter

New Release

  • Capacity estimate in HV Check
  • Fix for trip data missing during HV Check
  • Changed SOC red color at 42% 

  • Fuel chart with km breakdown
  • Battery capacity estimate
  • Fix for empty fuel chart 

Fuel usage over distance

The Fuel usage over distance chart plots consumption on a distance scale.
The green line shows overall fuel usage starting from the beginning of the trip, while the red histogram depicts local fuel consumptionin every single kilometer of the trip