New Release

  • Capacity estimate in HV Check
  • Fix for trip data missing during HV Check
  • Changed SOC red color at 42% 

  • Fuel chart with km breakdown
  • Battery capacity estimate
  • Fix for empty fuel chart 

1 comment:

  1. I just generated a HTML report with hybrid reporter from a 4 km round trip. I noticed the following:

    1.) All map diagrams only show the Google Map with nothing painted on it. There are no lines or anything else except for the Google Map. Do I have to activate something or is this a bug? The trip log shows gps coordinates.

    2.) The trip elevation diagram has no agenda below as all the other diagrams.

    3.) The report says I spent 50% of the trip distance (43% while moving) in EV mode. Does this really mean the ICE was off during this time? This is hard to believe.

    4.) Is the HTML report only generated from the data I can find in the trip log? Or is the trip log a subset of the report data?

    5.) Is there a description of the trip log columns? I don't understand all of them.