New Release

Hybrid Assistant and Hybrid Reporter have been updated to support voltage and current readings for Prius 4 and C-HR.
Not all the features of Hybrid Assistant are currently available for Prius 4 and C-HR: they may eventually be in the future.

Automatically correct speed

The new version of Hybrid Assistant has an option to automatically correct indicated speed to GPS.
The factor can be estimated only it the car is running at a constant speed higher than 50 km/h for at least 10 seconds.
When selected, the speed correction factor field will be grayed out and, at the end of a trip, it will show the estimated correction.


PDF User Guide in English-Francais-Italiano, English-Chinese, English-Spanish-Catalan

It is now available a PDF version of the User Guide.

There are three versions of the guide,
 - English, Francais, Italiano
 - English, 中文 (Chinese)
 - English, Español, Català

it is applicable to Hybrid Assistant version up to release V72

User Guide EN-FR-IT

User Guide EN-Chinese

User Guide EN-SP-CAT


New Release

New release for Hybrid Reporter

  • Fix load scale
  • RPM chart
  • Instant consumption chart
  • Option to delete reports at exit
  • Fix negative ambient temperature chart
  • RPM Chart

    The RPM chart shows petrol engine RPM with load and ignition timing

    Instant Fuel Consumption

    The Instant Fuel Consumption chart shows fuel consumption in L/100km along with speed

    BSFC Trend

    See how BSFC is getting better over time, with steady speed and high engine temperature:


    New Release

    New Hybrid Assistant release:
    • A disclaimer about driving safety is shown at startup after every upgrade
    • New Prius3 Plugin SOC color scale
    • New Prius3 Plugin excessive ev evaluation
    • GPS speed is shown in optional panel (tap speed indicator to open)
    • Estimate of speed correction factor is shown along GPS speed
    • Autoenable Bluetooth
    • Increased precision of ICE kW display
    • Fuel usage in mL is displayed by tapping fuel panel
    • Fix for temperature drop after S2
    • Collection of basic info for Prius 4 and C-HR


    GPS Speed and Correction Factor

    GPS speed has been added to the option panel that opens by tapping the speed indicator.
    Be aware that GPS speed is only available if GPS is enabled on your phone, and the displayed value has a delay of about 2 seconds to the actual car speed.

    The same panel displays the speed correction factor.
    You can enter this factor in the settings screen, so the speed displayed on screen will match actual speed.
    Speed factor can be correctly estimated only if you proceed at a constant speed higher than 50 km/h for more than 10 seconds

    Fuel mL

    Real die hards of fuel economy can now see real time fuel usage in mL by tapping the fuel usage panel

    Drive Safely

    Hybrid Assistant may look like a game, but driving is not.
    You can put yourself and others at serious risk.
    You are now required to read and accept a disclaimer when you start Hybrid Assistant.
    It will be shown once every upgrade.

    Automatic activation of Bluetooth

    If you're using a Bluetooth interface, you can allow Hybrid Assistant to enable Bluetooth at start, and, if it did, disable it at the exit.
    Note: the options are available only if Bluetooth connection mode is selected.



    You can check the running version of Hybrid Reporter by selecting About from the menu on main screen.

    A changelog with lastest additions is present, along with links to full documentation.

    Load and Timing

    The new version of Hybrid Reported adds chart for Engine Load and Ignition Timing

    New Release

    New release available for Hybrid Reporter

    • Improved HV fitness chart
    • Engine Load and Timing chart
    • Fix vertical scale