New release

  • better support for different screen sizes
  • kWh used and recovered added in reports
  • ICE efficiency evaluation for 1.8 engines
  • report energy used at different speeds
  • better support for older P3 models
  • support for Prius+

Debug Settings

Hybrid Assistant writes a log of logging, for debugging purposes.
This is usually not necessary while driving regularly.
The Report Viewer has Settings screen where you can turn on and off logging.
Turn it on if requested by the developers.


Report Viewer

Hybrid Assistant produces a detailed report for every trip.
A simple Report Viewer is available on the Play Store, to read and manage reports.


New release

New release is available to testers.
  • Optimization factor (Yaris only): shows ICE efficiency 
  • Power meter
  • Fixed screen refresh issues
  • EV distance and % glitches fixed
  • Brake icon now reflects friction pad usage: evaluation is applied only to history


Power Meter

The new power meter shows kW produced by the engine, and those flowing in and out of the battery.



New Dashboard

New update is available to testers, with a redesigned dashboard, and support for landscape mode


EV Abuse

Hybrid Assistant reports “abuse” of EV mode.
How do we define “abuse”?
You’re abusing EV when applying traction by the electric motor and you have SOC<60%
Since SOC will be replenished by petrol at the next engine ignition, this will not lead to efficient driving.
You can freely use EV when your SOC is >60% and you have energy to spare.


Braking Bad

The brake icon has 5 history bars, with a summary of the last 5 brakings.
The bar color tells the effectiveness of the braking.
The history bars allow the driver to check brakings actually after the brake event, without compromising on security while driving.


Check your EV

Hybrid Assistant now tracks EV usage:
2 different progess bars show percentage of EV time and EV distance over the whole trip.

Additionally, the EV icon will turn red if you're abusing EV usage.


Stay Green

Hybrid Assistant shows real-time brakes usage:
Green - Regenerative braking
Red - Friction pad braking

Try to stay green!


Back in Black

New version has been published for testers.
Experimenting with a black theme: now coolant temperature has a color code: we've just finished S1, we're at 43 and green to go.


Visual Language

Hybrid Assistant has been designed to avoid information overflow to the driver.
We try to avoid pages of numbers, using other visual cues to convey information.
For example, for the SOC level, colors are used to show the trend: green if charging, red if discharging.
Color saturation is proportional to the battery current value.
This way, the driver can have a quick summary of the status with just a glimpse