Hybrid Assistant and its team are not affiliated in any way with Toyota.
Names and logos are used only for illustration purposes.
Hybrid Assistant is not a professional product, but an hobby project from hybrid technology enthusiasts.

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Hybrid Assistant Team

  • Xavier AKA Priusfan - OBD Wizard
  • Alessandro Iacopetti - Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • Flavio Ferrari - Development support
  • Davide Vitali - Android Bug Hunter


In no particular order, these people contributed with ideas, suggestions, on-the-field tests, OBD adapters.
  • Michael Zielinski
  • Claudio Bellantonio
  • Filippo Eliseo Fasciani
  • Maurizio Lattuada
  • Pietro Cappello
  • fly61
  • Volkan
  • Rob1ng
  • Stefano Novelli
  • lele61
  • Valium64
  • artur
  • isidoro
  • Etienne Hillson (Etienne38)
  • Laevus
And many more hybrid fans from the online community of