Open Beta

Hybrid Assistant is now available on the Play Store as Beta
See to Download page to get it


New Release

Available on Play Store to selected testers.

  • HV fan speed control (touch icon)
  • Better brake evaluation
  • More precise kW/km/h evaluation
  • S1-2-3-4 detection
  • Speed indicator with speed limit highlight
  • HV battery temperature
  • HV battery intake temperature
  • New ICE powermeter
  • Prius Plugin support
  • Engine history indicator
  • Modified report format
  • GPS speed offset added to report
  • Consumption in kWh/100km added to report
  • Added ICE running stats to report
  • HV Battery stats
  • RX400h brakes detection
  • Prius 2 brakes detection


New Release

  • New braking evaluation: the brake icon will always show green/red according to regen/friction braking, while the history will use yellow to report a mixed usage
  • Power for speed now uses only constant speed
  • The detected car name is now shown on the connection line
  • Reduced text size to avoid overflow on some icons
  • Corrected Prius 2 braking error
  • Some layout changes



The new version will add a new statistic to the report.
For each speed value, kilowatts required to maintain that speed are reported.
Please note that, to avoid transitories, only when a given speed is maintained steady for at least 5 seconds, the kW value is considered valid; so some speeds may not be present in the report. This is normal and expected in most cases.
Please note that not all trips are well suited to produce correct values: uphills and downhills will provide readings affected by the additional power required to climb, or the regeneration effect while going down.
If you want to estimate power required for moving your car, choose a flat road and use cruise control to maintain a constant speed.