Support for old Android versions

Google is phasing out old Android versions: new updates published on the store must support new SDKs and deprecate older ones.

People with old Android versions, like 4.3, might not be able to run Hybrid Assistant anymore, if updated from the Play Store.

For those still using old Android versions, here is the last APK that still supports them.

You might have to remove the current version before installing this one.

Do not update from the Play Store after installing.

The APK is provided as-is, with no support and no future updates: if you want the latest Hybrid Assistant version, get a new Android device.


New permission request for Android 12

The new version of Hybrid Assistant is compliant with Android 12, that changes Bluetooth permissions management.

A new permission request will appear at the first run; you must select "Allow" to connect to the Bluetooth OBD device.


10 Years of battery usage

 My Yaris is now 10 years old: it's time to have a look at its battery:

It's still looking good, with delta between battery blocks under 0.1V most of the time, just a little worse than the 8th year check.

Car usage is mostly urban, so plenty of EV battery depletions, and forced charges, because of slow moving traffic. Open air parking at night also.

On a side note, the 12V battery is still the original one.
I've never had a car with a service battery lasting more than 5 years: probably the periodic CTEK treatment had some benefical effect on that.