BSFC Scale

Colors of the power bar and the BSFC chart are based on a scale of efficiency.
Here is the reference for a 1.800cc Toyota engine.

Kona EV and e-Niro

Kona EV and e-Niro are now recognized by Hybrid Assistant


Measuring charge efficiency

Hybrid Assistant can be used to measure charging efficiency on plug-in cars.
Here's a Ioniq PHEV charging at a wallbox: 3.3 kW out measured at the outlet and 3 kW entering the battery, with a 10% powerloss.


Current Gear Indicator for Niro and Ioniq

The new version of Hybrid Assistant, available on the Play Store, displays the current selected gear on Ioniq and Niro, even while driving in D.
Newer models of Kia and Hyundai car that previously displayed a wrong fuel consumption, now have a consistent indication.