We're back online

Google has acknowledged our app is using Location Permissions according to the Developer Program Policy and Hybrid Assistant is available again on the Play Store at the following link:


Google Policy woes...

Hybrid Assistant has been removed from the Play Store, due to an allegedly policy violation.
Google says that the Location Permission used by Hybrid Assistant is not compliant with the Developer Program Policy.
Hybrid Assistant uses Location information to provide telemetry data for Hybrid Reporter charts and stats, and this is an integral part of the app purpose.
Location data is always stored locally to the device, and it's not shared with anyone unless the user explicitly exports the produced reports.
We're going to write to Google Support to sort this out and we're confident Hybrid Assistant will be available on the Play Store again soon...


Android 11 compliance

Google is about to enforce Android 11 compliance for apps on the Play Store.

Last year we merged Hybrid Reporter into Hybrid Assistant to prepare for this compliancy requirement.

The update we just published fulfills the requirement that an app is not allowed to write to the filesystem at will.

This means that the _hybridassistant directory, where datafiles are stored, will be migrated to a private directory: this will be totally transparent to the average user, who will see a "Migrating" message on the first run only.
Reports will still be accessible from the Hybrid Reporter menu as always.
If you are an "advanced" user, willing to consult the Hybrid Assistant database directly, you'll find an "Export" button in the Hybrid Reporter Database Maintenance screen that will allow to copy the database on Goggle Drive, for example.


170.000 km and counting...

As battery life is always a classic debate argument, here is the HV Check from a long time friend of the Hybrid Assistant development team: his Yaris MY12 is just a few km under the 170.000 mark, and the battery is in perfect shape.
The delta values of the battery modules is really low, and nearly constant both at high and low SOC levels.




A new dress

 Hybrid Assistant has a new icon, a minimal design inspired by the old one.

But not only that: Hybrid Reporter is now integrated into the main app and is accessible from the settings menu.

You can open it only when the car is stopped, for obvious safety reasons.


8 years of battery usage

My Yaris is approaching its 8th birthday and has just passed the 80.000 km mark.

In the last 4 years she has lost her internal garage parking place to her bigger sister Auris, so she also has passed 4 winters and 4 summers under the stars, with no particular care so it's time for an HV check.

Here is a full discharge/recharge cycle chart from Hybrid Reporter:
All blocks discharge uniformly, none of them behave significantly different from the others.

We have further confirm from the Delta chart, where we see that voltage difference is always well under 0.2V, and just above 0.1 at the lower SOC levels.
According to this article, battery is still at near full capacity.

These charts suggest little Yaris has many more years of travel in front of her wheels.