2018/02/25: HSD-Day

HSD4-based cars, like Prius 4, Prime and C-HR are now fully supported by Hybrid Assistant.

The following readings are available now, beside the basic ones that already were:

  • HV Temperature
  • Fan Speed
  • ICE Power
  • Charge and Discharge limits
  • MG Temperature
  • Inverter Temperature
  • HSI

Not yet available:

  • Fan Assistant
  • HV Check


The AutoScreenshot feature will take a picture of the summary screen at app exit.
This way, you can have a summary of all your trips using the screenshot gallery of Hybrid Reporter.


Be careful

A spoof of our App has appeared on the Play Store.

This is NOT the genuine Hybrid Assistant.
Make no mistakes: you can find us on the Play Store as "Hybrid Assistant" from HybridXplorers developer.