New Release

  • HV battery temperatore now shows when fuel chart is displayed
  • Fix for inverter and MG temperatures for Prius 2 and RX400h 

  • Increased line thickness in several charts
  • Fixed filled polyline baseline
  • Lowered sample count for plotting average kw/speed 


New Release

New release for Hybrid Assistant and Hybrid Reporter

  • The HV Check screen now shows more info about the ongoing test
  • The EV stats panel now shows EV % while moving or total
  • Brake evaluation for Lexus IS300h is now more accurate
  • Fix for inverter temperature lower bound
  • SOC chart
  • HV Temperature chart
  • HV Delta chart
  • Fix for empty fuel charts
  • EV in motion
  • Option for full VIN display
  • Average speed over total trip
  • Average EV speed
  • BSFC color scale


Voltage Delta Chart

The Voltage Delta chart plots voltage differences between blocks.
The bottom area plots delta value between maximum and minimum values.
Min, Max and average values are also plotted.
If the average value is not roughly halfway between min and max, we may have a block balancing issue.

HV Battery Temperature Chart

The HV Battery Temperature chart plots temperature sensors values during an HV Check.
Common thresholds (fan and EV disable) are also shown, along with current.

Block Values Chart

The Block values chart plots individual battery block voltage values.
SOC % level is also shown


New Release

New versions for Hybrid Assistant and Hybrid Reporter


  • HA can now use miles, gallons and farheneit temperature
  • Accelerator pedal readings for Prius 4 and C-HR
  • Display of time while moving or total trip time
  • Added option for complete reset in settings screen
  • Status bar is now black
  • Fix for size of AVG/INST labels


  • HR can now display miles, gallons and farheneit temperature
  • Odometer
  • Time in motion
  • CCL and DCL chart
  • Fix for HV fitness min/max error


Time in motion

The EV summary panel can now display trip time as total time or just time spent while the car is actually moving.
You can tap the panel to switch between the two information.


You can reset all options back to default with the "Reset All" button.
Note that this will also delete all trips data from the database used by Hybrid Reporter.
Settings will be reset as soon as you restart Hybrid Assistant.

Overseas rejoice

Overseas rejoice! Hybrid Assistant now can display miles and gallons: you can set them in the settings screen