Hybrid Assistant usage in high school

We just received an interesting email, from France, about an unexpected usage of Hybrid Assistant: thank you Antony.

My name is Anthony Berçon, I’m a technical trainer in a french high school specialized in car repairing. I’d like to share my experience about Hybrid Assistant, and my way to use it.
First of all, it’s a powerful and compact app to get data about hybrid powertrain. Usually we use a professional tool like a Sun PDL 5500 to collect and export data, to be analyzed with MS Excel.
HA makes the same thing and its data collection has enough precision for our usage.
At this moment, with my students, I'm working on the regenerative brake, and the relationship between SOC battery, regenerative brake and battery temperature. With the help of the HA staff, it was easy to export data and make some charts to explain that relationship. 
My next step will be to create exercises about potential energy, kinetic energy, negative acceleration and SOC. I’ll use it to help students understand how Toyota hybrid works.

Here are some examples of HA usage in my teaching:
Graph 1 explains the relationship between vehicle speed and regenerative/mechanic brake system.
Graph 2 shows partitioning of braking torque between the 2 braking systems.

The next 2 graphs show battery temperature being influenced by regenerative brake.


More on Android Head units

Head Units are Android-based devices that can be installed in the car dashboard, usually in place of the car builtin infotainment module.
Since their Bluetooth module is primarily intended for hands-free usage, sometimes it's quite difficult to use a Bluetooth OBD adapter with them: in such case and USB adapter may solve the issue.
While we do not officially supports head units, we are happy to report user success stories.
Marijan Pribek wrote us:

My experience with connecting OBDLink LX and SX to HYBRID ASSISTANT
My car is a Toyota Yaris HYBRID, 2016, EU edition. Android HU is Pumpkin CN01
One month ago I bought an OBDLink LX and tried to connect to the Hybrid assistant app but no avail.
On the advice of the HA team returned from the LX (BT) device and purchased the OBDlink SX (USB).

Today I finally received my OBDLink SX. I connected it to the free USB on the HU port and after selecting the USB connection in the OBDLink application it worked from the first. The connection is very stable and the connection is very fast.

Unlike a Bluetoooth device, this is a big difference - a positive one.
Connecting an SX device to a HYBRID ASSISTANT application is very easy. Everything works smoothly and without error.
Tested on Chinese HU: Pumpkin CN01 and Xtrons 708L, no problem.

In my experience, the OBDLink SX (USB) device is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for use in the Android HU and HYBRID ASSISTANT app.
I hope someone will use this information.

Thank you Marijan