Fuel Chart

The Fuel Chart shows real time instant and average fuel consumption.
Values are shown in L/100km

The Fuel Chart is available in 2 versions:
  • Standard
  • High Precision
Standard chart has a refresh rate of 1 second and a longer timeframe is displayed on screen

High Precision chart has the highest refresh rate permitted by your OBD adapter: it can be as fast as 5 times a second, but an high performance adapter and phone are mandatory for proficient use.
High Precision chart also uses colors to highlight ascending and descending trends in fuel usage.

You can open the Fuel Chart by tapping the EV icon.
Tapping anywhere into the chart will close it, and performing a long tap will switch between Standard and High Precision.

A) Instant consumption: the bar size changes to display fuel usage in L/100km. Bar color changes according to usage trend: green if instant consumption is less than the previous reading, orange if not.

B) History area: this area keep history of fuel usage. A vertical mark is drawn every minute, with a thicker one every 5

C) A green area shows decreasing fuel usage

D) An orange area shows increasing fuel usage

E) Average fuel usage over the whole trip is also plotted: red when increasing, green when decreasing

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