New Release

Hybrid Assistant
New features:

  • Tapping the fuel consumption indicator will switch from L/100km to km/L
  • Fuel chart added
  • Added speed correction factor to settings screen
  • MG Temperature
  • Some minor layout changes
  • Added optional panel with temperature of MG, inverters and HV
  • Speed for Lexus NX300 should be more accurate
  • Added fuel tank level to fuel detail panel
  • Speed indicator now changes color according to speed trend:
Green: speed is increasing
White: speed is constant
Yellow: speed is decreasing

  • Fix for wrong ambient temperature
  • Fixed S2 detection
  • Fix for wrong Auris MY name
  • Fix for Auris MY10 brakes detection
  • Fix for Prius 3 Plugin battery level color

Hybrid Reporter
  • Added MG, ambient and inhaling temperature to the Temperature stats

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