High Precision Fuel Chart

The High Precision Fuel Chart has undergone a major restyling.

The new High Precision Fuel Chart combines fuel efficiency with burning efficiency, giving an unprecedented insight view of engine workings.

As always, the left vertical bar depicts L/100km instant value, but it's color is drawn using the BSFC color scale.
You can now see how efficiently you are burning the fuel needed to achieve a specific mileage.
The best desirable condition is a short cyan bar.

1 comment:

  1. Real great development - thanks, mate for this perfect program. Just one request to this fuel chart. It is scaled vertically by 1 Liter from 0 to 10. Would it be possible to scale it from 0 to 15 (or even make it user defineable)? Reason: When I accelerate I normally need more than 10 litres. So every "accelerate" stripe is higher than the scale.
    15 would match better (Toyota Auris has also 15 as border on the display). Thanks!!!!