New charts in Hybrid Reporter

The RPM Scatter chart shows RPM values while driving at a given speed.
Note that, given our eCVT transmission, there's no fixed relationship between engine speed and vehicle speed.

The Power Map chart has been revised to give more information: beside giving the power value for each RPM of the petrol engine with a dot proportional to data accuracy, it also plots collected values range and standard deviation.
This provides a more accurate view of the collected data.

The Average Power chart plots power required to keep a given speed.
This is total power, coming from the petrol engine and HV battery.
Values are collected only when a constant speed is maintained long enough to have a consistent reading, so a trip with many different speeds may not gather enough data to plot.
Since required energy is heavily influenced by road slope, you should drive on a plain road to have a correct reading.

The Instant BSFC/Fuel Consumption Chart combines fuel efficiency with burning efficiency, giving an unprecedented insight view of engine workings.
Instant fuel consumption value is drawn using the BSFC color scale.
You can now see how efficiently you are burning the fuel needed to achieve a specific mileage.
The best desirable condition is a short cyan bar.

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