Phone holder review: Celly OlimpiaXL

Stability: the airvent retention mechanism is spring loaded and have little hooks that provides a firm and stable mount.

Supported Orientations: portrait and landscape: the holder has a rotating gear with some fixed steps to choose from. Steps may be a little loose, so the phone may off by some degrees from the intended position

Grip: lateral pads have a soft grip, so side buttons won't be pushed accidentally.

Portability: the airvent retention mechanism takes some time to unlock, so porting to other cars is possible but unconvenient.

Tested cars: Yaris MY12, Auris MY17. On both cars, the holder rests on the bottom finish of the airvent, with a furniture scratching risk. A small adhesive pad was applied to prevent that.
Airvent mounting requires some orientation of the airvent fins that may compromise air flow.

Warning: we are not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer o reseller of the product. This is just a review based on personal experience.


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