Gear Assistant

Differently from Toyota and Lexus cars, which have a PSD, Hyundai and Kia have a gearbox.
The gear panel of the new version of Hybrid Assistant, shows the selected gear and a color evaluation of the current efficiency.

The colors of the gear indicator show how you are using battery power in EV mode. It is useful after a pulse with ICE when you maintain constant speed in EV mode.
Try to keep green for low battery drain. 
If yellow appears, speed is increasing and you are slightly discharging the battery more than expected to have a good distance in EV. 
If red appears you are really asking too much battery power and you have to turn on ICE with a short but strong pressure on accelerator, or to decrease speed. 
When ICE is turned on you have always white color. When the battery is recharging (i.e. during regenerative braking) you always have green color.

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