Android Head Unit pairing trick

Android Head Units use a different Bluetooth module from standard phones, so using a Bluetooth OBD adapter may be tricky.
An USB OBD Adapter like the OBDLink SX may be a better solution.

We do not directly support running Hybrid Assistant on Android Head Units, but we are happy to report success from our users.
Oliver S. writes us about a trick he used to overcome a pairing problem on his unit:

If HA hangs during initialization and you cannot select a Bluetooth device because the “button” is not responding, it is probably due to HA not getting the correct data from the Bluetooth
stack in your device.

To lift this issue follow these steps:

1.      Connect from a different device (e.g. mobile phone) to your OBD adapter
2.      Quit HA on the non-working device.
3.      Copy file hybridassistant.db from the working device (located in internal storage/_hybridassistant/) to your  non-working device, overwriting the existing hybridassistant.db 
4.      Restart HA
5.      Now everything should work. If not continue reading:
6.      Sometimes HA now stops at this point
and the OBD adapter needs an additional push: 
a.      Start “Torque” (free on Playstore) and wait until it connects.
b.      Quit Torque (or don’t, does not matter) and start HA

If you have read up to number 6, steps a) and b) must most likely be
performed on this unit once per driving session if you wish to use HA.

Thank you, Oliver

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