The new release of Hybrid Assistant introduces the HyBall.

This gauge is made of a colored ball and a white circle.
You can control the position of the floating ball using the accelerator pedal: pushing the pedal will cause the ball to float upward, while easing the pressure will bring the ball lower.

The HyBall will help you getting the most from your car in different scenarios:

  • During the S1 phase, the HyBall allows to calibrate power to move the car without draining the HV battery.
    Keep the ball green and in the lower half.
    If the ball goes over the white circle, HV battery will be used for moving.

  • While in EV mode, the HyBall guides the driver to achieve a perfect glide.
    Keep the ball in the center.
    If the ball is green, you'll have a good glide score, that will be displayed in the glide chart panel.

  • When the engine is running, the HyBall helps reaching heretical mode.
    When the ball is in the center, you're in heretical mode.
    Green color will turn lighter as the condition will get more stable.

  • When an idle check is pending, the HyBall will advice the driver to release the accelerator pedal, to allow the car to perform the check.

  • During a brake, the ball position will be linked to the brake pedal.
    Pushing the pedal will push ball up, as with the accelerator pedal.
    Ball color is green when regenerative braking is in effect and position is relative to energy recovery.
    Try to keep the ball in the center for maximum energy harvesting.

A good adapter and a fast phone are essential for good results: an OBDLink adapter is mandatory for 4th generation HSD cars.
It's strongly advised to use a HUD or HUD-like placement for the phone, so you can keep your eyes on the road at all time.

Suggestions provided by Hybrid Assistant, during the usage of the HyBall feature, can not account for road conditions: the driver is the only responsible for evaluating and applying them only if they do not pose any danger to driver, passengers and surrounding cars and people.

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