Hybrid Assistant on a Head Unit - modification required to OBD interface

Custom Head units available on the market can be installed on our hybrid cars as replacement of the Toyota Touch / Toyota Touch 2.

One of our tester has identified an incompatibility between his head unit and the OBDLink LX OBD adapter.

The incompatibility identified does not allow the Head Unit to operate corretly both Torque and Hybrid Assistant. The problem is in the name of the OBD dongle since some Head Units requires the Can Bus adapter to be called with a fixed name "OBD" to correctly operate the Can Bus applications.

To solve this issue, the following procedure can be performed
  • request to Scantool, an updated firmware, not available on their site, allowing the renaming of the OBDLink LX 
  • perform the Firware Upgrade according to the provided Scantool procedure using a Windows PC 
  • install on an Android phone a Bluetooth terminal (e.g. "Bluetooth terminal" available on the Play Store) 
  • Connect the ObdLink LX to the Android Phone via Bluetooth 
  • send the command STI 
  • Check that OBDLink LX has updated the firmware (now the release should be 4.0)
  • Send the command STBTN OBD 
After this operation, the Head Unit can be paired to the OBDLink LX that now will be able to operate both Torque and Hybrid Assistant

As usual these modifications are carried out at your own risk.

 A video of the result, showing hybrid assistant operative, is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJnjPc3fIeA&feature=youtu.be

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