Tapping the wrench icon will open the settings screen

Available options are:

OBD Connection mode

You can select between Bluetooth, USB and WiFi.
Please note that best performance is achieved using a high quality Bluetooth adapter.
If you're using a WiFi adapter, please set its configuration as IP and port 35000. This is the same configuration used by other OBD connection apps.

Enable Bluetooth at start

If you're keeping Bluetooth disabled on your phone for energy saving, use this option to allow Hybrid Assistant to turn it on while starting.

Leave Bluetooth enabled at exit

If Hybrid Assistant has enabled Bluetooth with the previous option, you can leave it on with this setting.


Hybrid Assistant will close automatically when the car is powered off.
You'll need a high quality adapter and phone to use this option, since with slow adapters/phones, temporarily slowdowns may be interpreted as a power off.
Please disable this option if you are observing erratic behavior.

High precision fuel chart

The fuel chart will be drawn at the maximum available resolution.
Note: you must use an high quality OBD adapter and an high performance device to use this option.

Automatically reduce brightness

Screen will change backlight level according to ambient light.
This may be useful while driving at night.
Option will be grayed out if the phone doesn't have any light sensor.

Show disclaimer at next start

At every application upgrade, Hybrid Assistant will show a disclaimer for driving safety.
You can read it again using this option.

Automatically correct speed

Hybrid Assistant uses a custom method to read correct speed from the car without incurring in the drawbacks of GPS (2 seconds delay and missing data when there's no satellite coverage), so the value provided out of the box should be accurate enough.
Since tire size and pressure may affect accurate speed reading Hybrid Assistant can use GPS to correct its speed estimate.
To allow Hybrid Assistant to perform correction properly, you should drive at a constant speed greater than 50 km/h for about 10 seconds.

Speed correction factor

You can read or manually set the speed correction factor obtained with the previous option.
Please note that this factor affects the following values:

  • speed reading
  • fuel consumption estimate
  • distance 

since all of them are based on speed.

Text size

Hybrid Assistant resizes text labels to fit on screen.
On some devices this is not always correct: you can try to reduce text size if some labels show incomplete text

Trips to archive

Hybrid Assistant stores stats of every trip for Hybrid Reporter.
You can set the maximum number of trips to keep. Older trips will be discarded automatically.
This will reduce used storage on your phone.
To check actual size, use the Database Maintenance screen of Hybrid Reporter.

Fan activation temperature

HV cooling fan can be automatically controlled by Hybrid Assistant.
Fan will start at the given temperature and will stop at 2 degrees below the specified level.

Count time only when moving

With this option, trip time shown on screen will increase only when the car is actually moving.

High precision trip logging

Normally Hybrid Assistant stores stats of every trip at 1 second interval.
Values are averaged on that interval.
Enabling high precision logging will force Hybrid Assistant to log data at the maximum available rate, without any further processing.
This is useful if you want to perform your own statistics on trip data, by exporting that from Hybrid Reporter
Note: you must have an high performance adapter to use this option at its full potential.

Enable OBD/State logging

This options will write additional logs.
You should enable this options only if instructed by the developers, while investigating on specific problems.
Leave them enabled only for the required time, since they write a lot of additional data.

Skip Bluetooh check

Some devices (specifically some Android head units) have a non-standard Bluetooth interface.
Selecting this option may allow you to use Hybrid Assistant on that devices, if Bluetooth is not automatically detected.

Note: some changes applies as soon as you exit the settings screen, while others require to exit and run Hybrid Assistant again. A message will show if this is the case.