OBD Support Policy

Why some features of Hybrid Assistant do not work with all OBD adapters?

Hybrid Assistant requests to the car are much more sophisticated than basic ones, asking only for engine temperature or RPM.
To produce accurate results, we need a really good interface that:
  • performs fast sampling
  • has no connections problems
  • doesn't drain the battery when left in place
  • should never send corrupted messages to the car. This is a security issue: data corruption may lead to loss of power or braking or steering assistance.
As we do not get any money from OBD adapters manufacturers, we chose to work only with the best and most satisfying hardware.
We prefer to invest our time into programming new features, rather than developing work-arounds for all possible quirks found in every different adapter.

Beside all the technical reasons, we do not want to encourage any support to piracy: a large number of low-cost OBD adapters are actually pirate copies.
You can read about them on this blog post.

So, if you want to use Hybrid Assistant, make sure you're using a genuine, high quality product.
Our fist choice is the OBDLink LX adapter: you can read more about it on the OBD adapters page.