HV Battery Check

Hybrid Assistant can be used to perform an health check on the High Voltage Battery.

In order to collect significant data, we need to cause a battery discharge.
  1. Bring the car to READY.
  2. Start Hybrid Assistant and be sure it's connected to the car.
  3. Complete the S1 cycle until the petrol engine will stop, if necessary on cars that automatically turn on the engine shortly after powering on the car.
  4. Park the car
  5. Set A/C temperature to LOW
  6. Be sure to have at least 60% SOC and the engine is off
  7. Tap the HV Check button.
  8. Turn on A/C at the LOW setting
  9. Turn on the windshield defroster
  10. Turn on all headlight
  11. Keep going until battery level gauge is at 2 bars and the petrol engine starts to recharge it.
  12. Wait for the engine to turn off
  13. Tap again the HV Check button to exit the Battery Check screen
  14.  Exit Hybrid Assistant with the Android "back" button.
Read the report with Hybrid Reporter.