An OBD Adapter is an interface that connects your car with your phone/tablet, via Bluetooth, Wifi or USB.
Using the adapter, you can collect data about RPM, speed and other parameters of the car.

Full functionality of Hybrid Assistant is possible only by using the ODBLink LX adapter (http://www.obdlink.com/lxbt/).

Other options exists, but, especially with low-cost clone adapters, some data may not be correct, or available at all.

Locate the OBD port on your car: usually it’s under the steering wheel.

Insert the OBD Adapter and bring the car to READY.

Perform Bluetooth pairing with the adapter, and you’re ready to go

Make sure you have a quality OBD adapter: some cheap clones have problems, like disconnections and false readings.
Torque Pro has a Adapter Status screen that may help you to check your adapter quality:
This is a bad adapter (a cheap clone):


The following adapters has been tested successfully with Hybrid Assistant

Reading speed: fast
Fully tested, the Hybrid Assistant Team strongly suggests using this adapter if you want full functionality.
Hybrid Assistant has been tested also with models MX and SX, which connects via WiFi and USB.

Other adapters have been tested with Hybrid Assistant, with mixed results.
We can NOT assure that these will work flawlessy and all data will be correct.

iCarsoft i620
Reading speed: medium

Reading speed: slow

Vgate iCar 2 Bluetooth
Reading speed: medium
Corrupted data and disconnections have been observed.

Vgate iCar3
Reading speed: medium (2x slower compared to OBDLink LX)
Some lock ups reported after being left in standby mode.
Disconnections have been observed.

OBDII Advanced OBD Scan Tool
Warning: this model has a lot of low quality clones that do not work correctly.

Mini ELM327 Bluetooth ON/OFF
Reading speed: medium
Some versions of this adapter do NOT work at all

The following adapters do not work with Hybrid Assistant
Behavior vary from lost connections to corrupted data: we do not endorse using low quality adapters.

Warning: despite its appearance, this is not a genuine OBDLink product
Reading speed: medium (2x slower compared to OBDLink LX)
Several application crashes reported.
Some adapters also have serious electric problems:

Mini ELM 327

Goliton POWER2

tinxi ELM 327


Kiwi 3