Niro and Ioniq

Hybrid Assistant has now EXPERIMENTAL support for Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Niro.
Only a subset of the Hybrid Assistant features are available for these cars.
For details, refer to the FAQ page


Interactive Maps

The new version of Hybrid Reporter allows live browsing of map data.
You can see where and how you performed in EV, Glide, Braking and fuel consumption, with real time zoom and pan.


Engine Stats

The new release of Hybrid Reporter adds a statistics page.

You can see actual engine usage in hours over a selected period of time.

Running time is an important parameter in evaluating engine wear: for example, oil lifetime can be estimate by hours rather than kilometers.
Statistics are provided based on data collected by Hybrid Assistant: consistent results are possible only if Hybrid Assistant is used on every trip of the car.

The development team of Hybrid Assistant strongly advise to strictly follow Toyota guidelines for periodic maintenance.
Data provided by the Hybrid Reporter statistics page can be used for informational purposes only.


Safety first

Use a phone holder that allows you to always keep your eyes on the road.
Color coding of Hybrid Assistant screen elements will trigger your peripheral vision if something requires your attention.
The Panel Assistant option will automatically select the most appropriate display element based on the driving context.



Hybrid Reporter now uses OpenStreetMaps for map rendering.
Maps are not static anymore: you can zoom and pan them.
Legend and scale reference are also included.


Using HyBall during cruise

Using the petrol engine consumes fuel.
You can try to minimize that by maintaining your car in heretical mode as much as possible.
While the engine is on, keep HyBall inside the white circle and you will achieve heretical mode.

Using HyBall during glide

After an acceleration, you can turn off the petrol engine and use HyBall to perform a perfect glide.
When the piston icon is off, keep the HyBall inside the white circle to glide with little or no battery usage.
Once a minute, a glide score histogram will appear on the screen, evaluating your performance.