OBDLink 4.7.1 firmware update

Some users have reported issues with the latest firmware update of the OBDLink adapter.
Please do not update until further testing.



Hybrid Assistant has always been a free product.
From time to time, we received inquiries from people who were asking if they can contribute to its development somehow.
We always refused to charge any money for it.
Now this has changed: if you, as a satisfied Hybrid Assistant user, think this app has contributed somewhat to improve your driving and reduce your emissions, think about making a donation, the amount you think it's worth, to an hospital of your own choosing.
Thank you.
The Hybrid Assistant Development Team



Hyundai/Kia Powertrain Analysis

User An-IONIQ of the hybridlife.org French forum, has written a deep analysis of the Hyundai/Kia powertrain, using Hybrid Assistant as a measurement tool.
Here is the original work, while an Italian translation, with additional comments courtesy of team member Gabriele, is available on Hybrid Synergy Forum