Several icons are present on the Dashboard.
Each one shows real-time information from the hybrid system.
Colors are used to convey information.

The speed indication reports car speed in km/h
Note that this reading is more accurate than the one reported on the car cockpit: usually it’s about 1% accurate to GPS.
Color scale:
Grey - Speed is stable
Green - Speed is increasing
Yellow - Speed is decreasing

The GPS icon will turn green if positioning information is available

A graduated scale will show speed variations, with each mark every 1 km/h per second

The engine icon shows RPM of the petrol engine.
Color scale:
Grey - Engine not running
Green - Engine running
Yellow - Engine running in power limited mode, or used for braking
Red - During car startup, engine is not providing enough power for moving

Engine phase (S1..S4) is also displayed
On cars equipped with a gear-based transmission, the currently selected gear will be displayed.

 At car power-on, a "Play" icon will appear on the engine icon if the engine needs to be warmed up and will start in a few moments.
You can prevent it by switching to N or selecting EV mode.
When the right conditions for an idle check are met, a "Pause" icon will show up.
If you begin to coast, the engine will perform the idle check and will switch to stage S4.

The battery icon shows percent charge of the HV battery.
Color scale:
Green - Charged
Yellow - Below normal
Red - Low: forced engine recharge will kick on if condition will persist
Purple - Saturation imminent

The termometer icon shows temperature of the cooling fluid of the petrol engine.
Color scale:
Light blue - Not in working temperature
Yellow - Below normal
Green - Fully operational condition
Red - High temperature, cooling fan will kick in

Additional temperatures are also displayed:
  • Petrol engine
  • Electric motors
  • Inverters
  • External
  • Internal
  • Phone

The brake icon shows which kind of braking is applied.
Color scale:
Grey - No braking is applied
Green - Regenerative braking is in effect: this is the best condition
Red - Friction pads are applied: this is normal at very low speed, but should be avoided at normal cruising speed if possible.

There are 5 bars under the brake icon: they show a summary of the last 5 brakings.
The history bars allow the driver to check brakings actually after the brake event, without compromising on security while driving.
Color scale:
Green - Fully regenerative braking (good)
Red - Most of the braking was by friction (bad)
Yellow - Not entirely regenerative nor massively friction

Differently from Toyota and Lexus cars, which have a PSD, Hyundai and Kia have a gearbox.
The gear panel of the new version of Hybrid Assistant, shows the selected gear and a color evaluation of the current efficiency.
The colors of the gear indicator show how you are using battery power in EV mode. It is useful after a pulse with ICE when you maintain constant speed in EV mode.
Try to keep green for low battery drain. 
If yellow appears, speed is increasing and you are slightly discharging the battery more than expected to have a good distance in EV. 
If red appears you are really asking too much battery power and you have to turn on ICE with a short but strong pressure on accelerator, or to decrease speed. 
When ICE is turned on you have always white color. When the battery is recharging (i.e. during regenerative braking) you always have green color.

Fuel consumption is displayed in this tile.
Please note that this is available only on high quality OBD adapters.
By tapping you can switch between average, instantaneous (both in L/100km) and fuel flow (in L/H)
Color scale:
Green - value is decreasing
Yellow - value is increasing

The EV icon helps you using electric-only traction.
Color scale:
Grey - Running on petrol
Yellow - Running electric-only
Red - Running electric-only, but the HV battery is low: try to avoid doing this

Below the car icon, there are 5 squares, tracking average consumption history.
History gets updated every minutes.
Color scale:
Green - Average consumption has decreased from the last minute
Yellow - Average consumption is stable
Red - Average consumption has increased since last minute

The power meter shows kW produced by the petrol engine, and those flowing in and out of the battery.
Note that the two gauges are not in scale to each other: each bar is scaled to maximum power available according to car data sheet.
Typically, HV battery power capacity is less than the power coming from the engine.

Color scale of engine power:
Grey - Engine stopped
Red - Low efficiency
Orange - Medium efficiency
Yellow - High efficiency
Aqua - Best efficiency

Color scale of battery power:
Green - Battery charging
Aqua - Battery depleting

2 triangles at the right of the HV power bar tell how much power the battery can receive or give.
Color is consistent with the above battery power scale.
Power limits are affected primarily by temperature and battery charge level.
The triangle at left of the Engine power bar is an indicator of the accelerator pedal position.
Its color is based on the power zone it's currently into.
The HyBall helps you obtaining maximum efficiency in all driving conditions: check extensive instructions at this link.

The EV meter tells you total trip time and how much of this time was spent in electric mode.
Below, total trip lenght is show, with percentage of actual electric mileage.
You can tap the panel to switch between total trip time or only the time spent while moving the car.

The HV Battery temperature indicator reports 3 correlated values:
1) Temperature of the air flowing into the battery
2) Temperature of the battery itself (only the highest of all sensors is displayed)
3) Speed of the cooling fan.
Color scale of battery temperature:
Green - Normal operating temperature
Yellow - Cooling fan is trying to bring temperature down
Orange - EVmode is disabled
Red - Critical temperature

The speed of the cooling fan can be forced to max by touching the icon: this can lower the battery temperature in stressful conditions like long downhills.
Color scale of the fan:
Grey - Not running
Green - Running (system controlled)
Yellow - Running (controller by Hybrid Assistant)

Additional information can be displayed by tapping icons on screen.

The HV summary is enabled by tapping the big battery icon.
CCL: charge limit
DCL: discharge limit
Volt: actual voltage
Amps: actual current

The engine summary is enabled by tapping the engine icon.
STFT: short term fuel trim
LTFT: long term fuel trim
Ign T: ignition timing
Load: engine load
MG1: RPM of the electric motor
MG2: RPM of the electric motor
Accel: Accelerator pedal position
g/kWh: Specific fuel consumption

The fuel summary is enabled by tapping the speed indicator.
Inst.: instantaneous fuel usage, in litres per 100km
Avg: average fuel usage, in litres per 100km
Avg: average speed
Fuel: total fuel usage

The temperature panel is enabled by tapping the temperature tile.
MG1/2: temperature of motorgenerators
Inv. 1/2: temperature of inverters
HVmax/min: maximum and minium values among all the available HV battery temperature sensors.

The PSD Nomograph panel will show you exacly what the 3 engines are doing in real time.
While RPM value is plotted on the vertical scale, color of each element will provide additional information:
Orange - positive power
Yellow - negative power
White - null power
In addition to engines, power applied to the wheels is also displayed, along with battery power.
Note that HV power is accounted only for the part coming from the PSD, accessories and AC consumption is not displayed.

The FPS (Frames Per Second) counter measures performance of your phone and OBD adapter.
The higher, the smoother the experience will be: a value under 3 is insufficient to provide real time feedback to the driver.

Tapping the Camera icon will take a screenshot.
Color scale:
Green - Optimal performance
Yellow - Momentarily insufficient performance
Red - Repeatedly insufficient performance (fan control has been disabled)
Once fan control has been disabled, you can re-enable it when performance level is back to normal.

The setting icon will open the Settings screen

Tapping the HV Check button will start the HV battery fitness check.
An accurate HV Check requires following a detailed procedure, as explained on the HV Battery Check page

The HV Battery check screen will show voltage value of the battery blocks.
Values are collected and then published in the end of trip Report.