Sending Debug Logs

While investigating on some issues, you may be asked to send logs to the developers.
Follow this steps:

1) You don't need to be connected to the car to send logs: you can do it offline.

2) Open the App's menu and select Settings

3) Scroll down and select the "Send Debug Logs" switch
4) A share request will open: select GMail

5) A pre-filled mail message will open: please add details about yourself and the issue and send.
Messages with no useful information will be discarded.

This is the most basic log collection option: it will send collected logs from the previous trips, with no personal/sensitive data included.

Most of the times, you can stop reading here, however, some issues may require enabling additional logging: you will be contacted and asked to do so if needed, as it's generally not required:

1) Enable OBD Logging in Debugging options

2) Restart Hybrid Assistant: you will notice a yellow message flashing on the bottom of the screen, warning you about the logging being enabled.

3) Drive and send logs again as above.

4) Disable OBD logging, since it affects performance and consumes memory.